Transportation and Pedestrian Linkages

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The University Park campus is accessible via a range of existing public and privately operated mass-transit networks that provide excellent connections to neighboring areas as well as remote communities throughout Los Angeles and the greater Southern California region. The new Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Transit line, the first phase of which is scheduled for completion in February 2010, will augment this already robust system. In addition, the campus is conveniently located with respect to major freeways serving travelers heading east/west as well as north/south.

Over the next 25 to 30 years, pedestrian walkways will continue to be added to the academic core of the campus as well as the outlying planning districts, with the goal of improving linkages and circulation between transit drop-off points and parking facilities and destinations throughout the campus and neighboring communities. Additionally, plans call for the creation of gathering places along safe and attractive pedestrian routes as an important means of enhancing both the function and ambiance of the campus and the neighborhood.

Master Plan Vision: Jefferson Boulevard

A Narrowed Boulevard

The Draft Master Plan envisions a narrowed Jefferson Boulevard, tying together the University Park Academic Core with the areas immediately north of Jefferson Boulevard.

The Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Transit Line

The new Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Transit line will run north/south along Flower Street, shifting to east/west along Exposition Boulevard.

Pedestrian Linkages

Pedestrian pathways will lead from the three University Park light-rail stations (at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Exposition Boulevard, at Exposition Boulevard and Trousdale Parkway, and at Flower Street and Jefferson Boulevard) to the University Park Academic Core as well as the areas north of Jefferson Boulevard.

A Pedestrian-Friendly Campus

The new walkways and light-rail stations will help create a pedestrian-friendly campus, ensuring a walk of less than 10 minutes to almost any location in the University Park area.

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