Jefferson Boulevard Reenvisioned

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Narrowing Jefferson Boulevard is a central element of USC’s Draft Master Plan. The current four-lane street will be converted to two lanes, providing enhanced pedestrian safety and better linkage among university facilities as well as calming traffic and creating a village ambiance.

Jefferson Boulevard Street Section: Existing Conditions

Heavily traveled Jefferson Boulevard consists of four lanes, plus street parking, with a raised median.

Jefferson Boulevard Street Section: Narrowed Concept

As reenvisioned, Jefferson Boulevard would be narrowed from four to two lanes. This would yield a safer pedestrian environment, help calm traffic and contribute to the development of a village ambiance.

Conceptual Rendering: A Narrower, Safer, More Pedestrian-Friendly Jefferson Boulevard

In combination, the narrowed Jefferson Boulevard and the updated University Village would create a safer, more pedestrian-friendly environment.

last updated 01/29/08