Additional Community Investment

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A fundamental principle guiding master planning for the University Park campus involves USC’s connections with its neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods. The goal is to:

  • Identify opportunities to make mutually beneficial connections, provide continuity, and enhance the physical form, enjoyment, and use of the campus and its surrounding neighborhoods
  • Encourage and participate in neighborhood development, in concert with the greater community
  • Cultivate partnership networks with neighboring institutions and the private sector to support the development of campus and community potentials
  • Endeavor to create a plan that will maximize benefits, minimize harm and address issues of common concern (e.g., traffic, parking, housing, community health and safety)

Master Plan Vision: Additional Community Investment

Enhanced Streetscapes; Shared Parks, Playfields and Open Spaces

Proposed community investment in the Master Plan encompasses landscaping and lighting along streets as well as shared parks, playfields and open spaces.

Retail and Mixed-Use Development

Additional community investment in the Master Plan involves:

  • Retail development in the new mixed-use University Village, which serves both the campus and the broader community;
  • Working with the Community Redevelopment Agency and local businesses to enhance façades along Vermont Avenue; and
  • Supporting efforts to develop the Figueroa Corridor as a mixed-use district.

New University Housing for Students, Faculty and Staff

The Draft Master Plan also seeks to relieve pressure on the surrounding neighborhood by providing new housing for university students, faculty and staff, primarily within District 3 (University Village/Cardinal/Century).

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