Reverend Frank Wulf

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Member, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
Pastor, United University Church

Reverend Frank Wulf, pastor of United University Church, is devoted to his parishioners, who include both USC students and residents of the surrounding neighborhood. As a member of the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee, he wants the master plan to keep in mind community needs, along with the necessities of the students. Wulf said he considers his role on the committee to be a bridge between the two entities. Both groups, he believes, want to see an improvement in the quality of life, particularly with respect to key issues of concern such as crime and affordable housing.

Wulf, who has served United Methodist and Presbyterian congregations since 1979, grew up in San Diego. He attended seminary school in Pasadena and pursued a graduate degree in religion from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in New York City. After 11 years on New York’s Upper West Side, he longed for a West Coast homecoming and returned to Southern California in 1997. For eight years, he served as the United Methodist Campus Minister for the Wesley Foundation serving the UCLA campus.

In 2005, Wulf was transferred to the church adjacent to USC to work with residents and students. Upon relocating to the area, he observed that the relationship between USC and the religious community was more vibrant and healthier than what he had observed at other universities.

Wulf believes that the master plan will address the university’s as well as the community’s concerns, and eventually will benefit everyone. “The neighborhood knows that USC is an institution that promotes education and the community,” Wulf said. “Both can live together in a productive and creative way.”