Bea Stotzer

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Member, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
President, Board of Directors, New Economics for Women (NEW)

Bea Stotzer has long been impressed with how USC is always teeming with life — and not just student life, but people from all walks of life. The campus, she feels, has become part of the community, not a separate entity. “The university can really be looked at as a community magnet,” she said.

Stotzer has been involved with the neighborhood for more than 20 years as board president of New Economics for Women (NEW) and several prominent non-profit Boards.

Founded in 1984, NEW is committed to the belief, as posted on its Web site, that “a safe, dignified home and nurturing, supportive community is the pathway to creating strong, prosperous, self-sufficient families.”

Stotzer believes that USC’s goals for both the campus and the neighborhood coincide with the values put forth by NEW, and she views the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee as a way for members of the community to voice any concerns they might have about campus growth and to “build a foundation of ideas and discourse.”

Whereas in the past some local residents felt that USC showed a “lack of respect for the community,” she said, she has observed firsthand USC’s increasing efforts to create an open dialogue and lasting relationships with the neighborhood. Through this process, she believes, people will become increasingly aware that “not all ills are USC-generated, but many of them are regionally based.”