Father Lawrence Seyer

The information on this microsite (upcmasterplan.usc.edu) reflects archival data last updated in 2008. For the most accurate current information on the University Village Specific Plan, please visit village.usc.edu.

Member, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
Religious Director, USC Catholic Student Organization

When Father Lawrence Seyer joined the Trojan Family, he came to a 50-year-old Catholic center that was in desperate need of renovation. A year and a half later, he had raised more than half of the $24 million needed to revamp the Our Savior Catholic Center. Not only will the new center benefit students, Seyer said, but he believes it also will strengthen USC’s bonds with the surrounding neighborhood. In fact, Seyer is convinced that any improvement for USC ultimately will be an improvement for the community.

It was because of this commitment to the idea of symbiosis between the campus and the neighborhood that Seyer was asked to be part of the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee.

More than a decade ago, Seyer got the call and joined St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California, to study to become a priest. Upon being ordained, he became an associate pastor at St. Barnabas Catholic Church in Long Beach. Seyer was overseeing services at St. Peter Claver Church in Simi Valley in summer 2005, when he was asked by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to be director of USC’s Catholic center.

Since becoming a Trojan, Seyer has been impressed with the university’s sense of family and how people are always willing to help.

“Ultimately, I like the direction the university is headed in,” Seyer said. “Community needs are being met, and it’s good for the neighborhood. I’m excited USC is reaching out.”