Brian League

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Member, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
Program Director, Capital Construction Development

Brian League is a master plan veteran. After completing his undergraduate work at Occidental College and earning a graduate degree from USC in 1989, he spent 15 years working in planning departments for Los Angeles, Pasadena and Glendale. Each position had him putting together or dealing with land use issues, general plan updates or specific master plans. In 2004, League returned to USC as project manager for Capital Construction Development. His background in master planning led to his appointment as a member of the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee.

The master plan has to address the growing need for student living, League said. The university has been transitioning from a commuter college into a residential university over the last couple of years, and “it is the responsibility of USC to provide adequate housing for students attending here.”

“Living around campus is part of a student’s college experience,” League said. “The master plan will eventually allow USC to make a commitment to students that will give them a place to live all four years.”

This shift from a commuter to a residential campus will be beneficial for both students and the neighborhood, League added. In the first place, pressure on the neighborhood to provide homes for its residents will ease as new student housing opens up. Also, the establishment of a university housing district will bring students closer to campus, providing an integrated live-learn-play environment with social accommodations that will benefit students and residents alike.

Future campus development is not intended to be an extension of the Walls of Troy, which have been perceived by some residents as a barrier, League said. Future campus growth north of Jefferson will not be closed off to the local populace. With the master plan, USC has the goal of improving the quality of life in the area overall.