Jackie Dupont-Walker

The information on this microsite (upcmasterplan.usc.edu) reflects archival data last updated in 2008. For the most accurate current information on the University Village Specific Plan, please visit village.usc.edu.

Chair, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
President, Ward Economic Development Corp.

When discussing the West Adams district, Jackie Dupont-Walker stresses that the area is about to change. This is inevitable, and she embraces it. However, like a breakwater protecting a harbor, Dupont-Walker wants to hold back the wave of developers in behalf of local low-income residents. She does not want to see them washed away.

As chair of the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee, Dupont-Walker is charged with representing the residents of the West Adams district in the development of a plan that will guide campus growth for the next 20 years. In essence, she is an ambassador for the neighborhood and its interests throughout the master-planning process.

Dupont-Walker has three decades’ experience working in both the public and private sectors. Since 1988, she has been president of Ward Economic Development Corp., a nonprofit community development corporation whose mission spans housing, local economy and leadership. Her volunteer work has placed her in senior positions with numerous other urban renewal organizations as well.

“The neighborhood wants USC to stay in the area,” Dupont-Walker said, adding that her goal is to ensure integrity and transparency in the master-planning process and a plan that will create a “win-win situation for everyone involved.”