Father Bill Delaney

The information on this microsite (upcmasterplan.usc.edu) reflects archival data last updated in 2008. For the most accurate current information on the University Village Specific Plan, please visit village.usc.edu.

Member, USC Master Plan Advisory Committee
St. Agnes Church

Father Bill Delaney moved to St. Agnes Catholic Church in 1990 after serving as a religion teacher at a Catholic high school in central California. Since his arrival at St. Agnes, he has seen the neighborhood and its residents change. Delaney has watched as increasing numbers of families have obtained better jobs, purchased their own homes and sent their children off to college. The University Park district has been for some time, and continues to be, a diverse community with a vibrant immigrant population. Reflecting this diversity, services at the church are held in a blend of languages, including English, Spanish and Korean. Delaney and his parish provide supportive services for local residents, and he believes that St. Agnes’ most important role is to serve the community. It is because of his devotion to the neighborhood that Delaney was asked to be a member of the USC Master Plan Advisory Committee.

Delaney views his role on the committee as that of a neighborhood ambassador. He feels that any organization USC puts together in which the neighborhood has a voice in the discussion will be beneficial to both the university and the community. While Delaney said he acts as an emissary of the University Park district and its residents, he recognizes the importance of the Trojan presence as well. His input into the master plan, Delaney said, should help abate residents’ concerns about land use and help create a master plan that supports students and the university as well as residents and the neighborhood.

“The church is concerned about helping people adjust into a stable community, survive with a level of dignity and make the neighborhood safer,” Delaney said. “My role on the committee hopefully conveys this ideal as well. I hope that the committee continues.”